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Escape from Black Bottom - Reviews

My family and I were fortunate to know Major for over 25 years and enjoyed our friendship immensely. But after reading "Escape from Black Bottom", I now really wish I had had the opportunity to learn more first hand of his upbringing, his family, and how he came to be the wise, gracious, caring person he was. This book so clearly and concisely is a road map which takes one on the journey through the lifetime of a man who had the tenacity to keep reaching and striving, while at the same time touching, being able to relate to, and care for all that surrounded him. Truly a valid picture of the man we knew and remember with such fondness.

- Carol Lawrence, Colorado

I knew Major wanted to put his stories together for a long time. The book came out beautifully. It is well written, powerful, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

- Melissa Inez Walker

An incredible book!  How can one person experience that much in a lifetime, and stay continuously involved!  I did not want the book to end when I turned the last page!

- Else, former neighbor

I read Major’s book. Fascinating. And it made me realize how I did not really know him, even though I did know him. I SO wish he was still with us, so I could discuss the book with him. . .  The photos were also very interesting, I am glad that there even was a photo of "Black Bottom." It was not until I read the book that I realized why it was named that (absolutely brilliant!).

Thank you, Major and A-G!

- Mervi, Massachusetts

Major's storytelling is remarkable. The words he chose paint such vivid imagery of his childhood that I felt as if I was transported to his neighborhood. From hearing his Grandmother's wise commentary of passersby as she emphatically swept city debris from their sidewalk to playing along with him and creating with whatever we could get our hands on. Knowing Major and being an artist myself, I now see how his sense of adventure and vision sparked the creative eye that makes his photography so captivating. Although Major grew up in trying times, his subtle humor throughout the book is what I enjoyed the most because it reminds me of the many conversations we had together about.. "just getting by, man".

- Sharif I. Carter


In 1980 I was fortunate to begin a life long friendship with Major and Anne-Grethe Morris. After reading Major's collection of essays in “Escape from Black Bottom” I realized how much of his life was unknown to me. Reading his book made me wish I could sit down with him and learn more about his early life. I was particularly touched and saddened by his story of saving up to see King Kong. - The writing about his time in the military and Italy brought memories of my dad who was also stationed in Italy. Reading about Major's love of music was especially meaningful and made me wish I had had more opportunities to listen to music with him. I would have learned so much!

-  Kathy Fishler